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Course Curriculum

The 5 week social media championship programme 
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Week 2 – Building the Pillars
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Week 3 – Build Alliances
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Week 4 – Take a Leap
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Week 5 - Penthouse
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Course description

After 10 years of running digital marketing agency and having my first venture being used as a case study by Google and others reaching multi-million dollar revenues, I have had the opportunity to work with over 100 of the world’s best marketing minds who have been my clients and together we hashed out 50 million dollar revenues every year for businesses.

These large corporations have the impatience that is needed to succeed quarter after quarter, measuring success and learning fast while making grander visions as they grow.

I learnt all that and then found smaller businesses have this urgency missing and it's not easy to maintain the same momentum sometimes to keep driving forward month after month.

So I have used my 10 years of working experience with world class clients and put together a course for today's impatient entrepreneur who wants to make a marked difference in his life, family and business in the next 90 days, which I will show you is possible by leveraging the power of the Internet and social media.

I have tried to simplify the digital world into smaller sections making it possible for you to win but after these 5 weeks.

I have considered the 5 weeks as 5 different floors of your success. Your journey to the penthouse begins now.

I will be constantly there to help you climb each step with precision. After the completion of these fruitful 5 weeks, I assure you will be able to elevate your businesses and careers to higher floors of success.
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Avijit Arya
Avijit Arya

Father of 2 girls, 10 and 6 both working on their own youtube channels. 6 beautiful dogs (one of them is called Dude).

Chief Mogul @Internet Moguls, Host of the #askaviarya show. Speaker & Trainer on everything digital. Ranked amongst top100 Digital Icons in India. His firm Internet Moguls Awarded as 30 Most Valuable Tech firms in India. Won the Large Business Awards 2017 hosted by Corporate Vision Magazine, Vancouver.

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